Medi-M8 cvX Surface & Hand Sanitising Products
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Kills Coronavirus. Kills up to 99.999% of all viral and bacterial agents.

Hard Surface & Hand Sanitiser Cleaning Technology

Quickly kills All CORONAVIRUS including Sars-Cov-2 (cause of Covid-19 disease)
Unique polymeric hybrid technology provides lasting protection to treated surfaces

Why choose Medi-M8 cvX?

Medi-M8 cvX is a unique, advanced water born polymeric biocide developed for the aerospace and MOD sectors, it is at the leading edge of safe and efficient sanitising technology.

Medi-M8 cvX offers unrivalled levels of hard surface sanitisation and is laboratory proven to destroy up to 99.999% of bacteria, algae, viruses and fungus on treated areas with 60 seconds. Treated surfaces are left actively resistant to the formation of Biofilms for up to 30 days*.

Medi-M8 cvX is also available as a powerful Foaming Hand Sanitiser using proven alcohol free technology. Extremely effective against bacteria and enveloped viruses, it is proven to kill ALL CORONAVIRUS including SARS-COV-2.

Medi-M8 cvX Hand Sanitiser is non-irritating, pleasant to use and kind to your skin even with frequent, long term use. It provides superior performance to Alcohol based sanitisers which can cause extensive damage to skin and discourage frequent use.

All Medi-M8 cvX products:

  • Quickly kill All CORONAVIRUS including Sars-Cov-2 (cause of Covid-19 disease)
  • Achieve quick and effective sterilisation to log 5 – 99.999%
  • Leave hard surfaces actively resistant to bacteria and viruses for up to 30 days*
  • Are easily applied and safe to use even in food preparation areas
  • Outperform Alcohol based sanitisers
  • Are free of Alcohol, bleach and SLS
  • Effective against bedbugs and mites
  • Practically odourless
  • Non Irritating
  • Non flammable
  • Non Hazardous
  • Compatible with all hard surfaces, including plastics and coatings
  • Compatible with many soft surfaces including fabrics and floor coverings
  • Surface Sanitiser can be easily applied using ULV cold foggers, knapsack sprayers or trigger sprays

Independently certified
to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697 as effective against bacteria and including
but not limited to:

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Staphylococcus Aureus

Independently certified
to BS EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019 as effective against ALL enveloped Viruses
including but not limited to:

All Coronavirus (e.g. MERS, SARS-Cov, SARS-Cov-2, Wuhan Virus)
Flovirade (e.g. Ebola, Marburg)
Hepatitis B, C & Delta Virus
Influenza Virus
Rubella Virus
Measles Virus
Rabies Virus

All Medi-M8 cvX products are:

  • Independently certified to BS EN14476:2013 +A2:2019 Annex A – all enveloped viruses
  • Independently certified to BS EN 1276
  • Independently certified to BS EN 13697:2015 + A1:2019

Medi-M8 cvX Surface & Hand Sanitiser is 100% compliant with all international hand hygiene protocols and the EU Biocidal Products Regulation
(NPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012).

Product formulation has been tested and certified to BSEN1276 and BSEN13697 against bacteria and to BSEN14476 against Virus.

Product conforms to the requirements of Biocidal Products Regulation. The consolidated version of the Regulation (EU) No 528/2012.

Formulation effective to EN 1500.

*cvX provides a temporary active polymer coating that can be abraded or washed away limiting the longevity of protection. Reapply frequently to high traffic/wear/touch areas. Areas that have been washed or cleaned should also be retreated.

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